WW Greener .310 Cadet

WW Greener .310 Cadet

WW Greener .310 Cadet

Ser No 3891

23 ¾” Barrel 13” PoL

What a little gem! In .310 Cadet calibre. Full length stock with a single band inc sling swivel. Barrel in very good condition stamped WW Greener Maker Birmingham. All woodwork in very good condition for its age. Single post foresight, ramp rear sight. Martini action. Kangaroo engraved on top of the breech, WW Greener Maker Birmingham on LHS of main body, Commonwealth of Australia on RHS. Butt stamped Commonwealth of Australia Mily Forces, Victoria. Butt no. 3633 and 4/11. Additional neat stamping of JDH

Section 58 – can be sold without a licence

    07876 562380

    Lancashire RFD No 1426

    Gun Trade Association