Winchester MODEL '1885 LOW-WALL' .22LR

Winchester MODEL '1885 LOW-WALL' .22LR

Winchester MODEL '1885 LOW-WALL' Sporting rifle

.22LR Ser No 78582

23 ½” Barrel, 13 ¼” PoL

23 ½” barrel, excellent bore, the top signed 'MANUFACTURED BY THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO. NEW HAVEN CONN. USA.' and marked with the calibre at breech, dove-tailed tunnel fore-sight, rear-sight dove-tail vacant. Case hardened low-wall falling-block action in excellent condition, central hammer, the top-tang fitted with a period 'LYMAN' signed micro-adjustable folding peep-sight with Parker Hale eye piece. Walnut straight-hand butt-stock fitted with an iron crescent, case hardened heel-plate, single set trigger. Ebony inlay to fore-end tip.

Very nice indeed. I do love these actions.