Schmidt & Habermann 8x57JS

Schmidt & Habermann 8x57JS

Schmidt und Habermann
Ser No 43922
8x57JS Barrel 23 ¾” POL 13 ¼”

A beautiful example of a piece of history. Manufactured by Schmidt und Habermann in the Suhl region of Germany in the 1930s. A Mauser 98 action, which were allowed to be manufactured under the terms of the Armistice and the restriction on the re-arming of Germany. S&H ceased manufacturing in 1945 when Suhl came under DDR territory.

It is wonderful and in excellent condition. Machine-finished ramped foresight with brass bead. All blueing intact and immaculate. Reproofed in Ulm in 1991 – post re-unification? Machine-finished folding and fixed rear sight. Barrel stamped “KALIBER 8x57 H MANTEL” and “KRUPP STAHL”.
Some decoration to the breech end of the barrel. A side scope mount plate with ZM mounts. The main body has a degree of colour hardening as does the bolt. Top of breech dipple finished and the main body has a simple engraved decoration. The trigger guard, magazine housing baseplate and release all colour hardened. Twin triggers. The woodwork is in wonderful condition but appears to have undergone some very good restoration at some point as some earlier damage adds to its appeal.

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    Lancashire RFD No 1426

    Gun Trade Association