Savage 99 .22 Savage Hi-power

Savage 99 .22 Savage Hi Power Take Down (5.6x52R, .228)

Ser No 219535 20” Barrel. Stock POL 13”

Original Savage steel, blued butt plate. Plain walnut stock and foregrips in very good condition. A straight handle stock with no chequering.

Barrel is in very good condition with post foresight and rear leaf spring sight. Minor pitting not very evident.

Main body in very good condition with minor surface pitting. Case hardened lever.

Oigee Gnomet 2 ½ x with Parker Hale mounts

The internal 5 round rotary magazine is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Complete with 46 rounds and 100 .228 bullets


    07876 562380

    Lancashire RFD No 1426