Mannlicher Model Sporter 7.92x57J

Mannlicher Model Sporter 7.92x57J

Mannlicher Model 88 Commercial Sporter 7.92x57J

Ser No 24245 Barrel 25”, Stock POL 14”

A very rare piece. The chequering runs along the sides of the Prince of Wales grip nearly to the fore-end.

In good condition overall. The metalwork has slight rust blemishes. The browning is 98% intact.  Rear sight of one standing and one folding leaf. The bolt handle is a turned down ovoid butterknife.

Stock is of walnut with a Prince of Wales grip. The rare chequering is 90% intact with minor flattening and a minor repair to the comb.
On the RHS of the stock is mounted a silver plate –


    07876 562380

    Lancashire RFD No 1426

    Gun Trade Association