Mannlicher Model 88 Sporter 7.92x57J

Mannlicher Model 88 Sporter 7.92x57J

Mannlicher Model 88 Commercial Sporter 7.92x57J

Ser No 8896 Barrel 28”, Stock POL 13 ½”

Another beautiful example of a classic Germanic rifle.

Octagonal to round barrel with flat upper and machine finished. Clearly marked BÖHLER STAHL (steel manuf). Main body with beautiful, dappled-type machine finish. Bolt handle turned down ovoid butter knife. Twin triggers. No blueing. Slight ramp and block mounted blade foresight of ivory. Rear ladder sight from 5 – 12. Rear peep sight adds to this rifle’s appeal.

Stock of pale walnut with a Prince of Wales grip and perfect chequering. A schrabel fore end, brass fittings and an ebony butt plate with a small split.


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    Lancashire RFD No 1426

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