Enfield No 4T

Enfield No 4T

No.4 Mk 1 (T) and No 32 Mk III Scope

Barrel 25", Stock POL 13"
This rifle is offered as a commission sale. The current owner is only the second since its sale by the Army.
This is a wonderful example and for its age is in a fabulous condition. The metalwork shows some ageing but far less than one woul dexpect for a rifle of this age.The woodwork is beautiful - showing little wear, no damage with a fabulous patine.

All numbers on the rifle and scope match -
Rifle Number: G37005, Dated 1944
Scope Number: 22948, 1945

Rifle was manfactured by BSA Maltby, the scope by AK&S
Markings and number locations:
Rifle number on the scope is in the box as well on the left side, screw mount.
General information on left side of tube between the objective and ocular.
Water for waterproof on direct top of tube
War Department broad arrow underneath scope information
Scope number is on the wrist of the rifle, just underneath the cocking piece.
Rifle information, number and date is on the socket.
"TR" for 'telescopic rifle' is on the bottom of the socket, means this rifle was selected to become a long range weapon.
Bottom of the stock has the Holland & Holland marking of S-51: "S.L" inspection marking 
On the foreend there is the serial number and two proof marks, Birmingham proof house marking again.
Another Birmingham proof mark on top of the main body.
"S" Holland & Holland on main body ring, right side, near wood line.
Star and V symbol on butt indicates butt was manfactured by W.W Greener and assembled by Holland & Holland.

Bore very good at 0.3025"