Enfield Martini MkII .303

Enfield Martini MkII .303

Martini Mk II .303
Cal .303
Ser No 7406

MKII as seen on the RHS of the main body

Woodwork in very good condition for its age. There is a repair to a split to the rear of the RHS of the handguard. E on breech indicates Enfield rifling. Browning of the barrel is in good condition although there is some shallow pitting along the line of handguard as so often seen in rifles of this era. Interesting markings on the barrel and on top of the Breech in farsi / nastaaliq script which are unfortunately too difficult to decypher. These would indicate that once it had been taken out of service they were acquired by an organisation with a reasonable level of administration. It has been re-proofed in 1991. My thoughts are that it was brought back as a war trophy after Gulf 1?


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