Carcano M38 Fucile Corto 7.35 x 51mm

Carcano M38 Fucile Corto 7.35 x 51mm

Carcano M38 Fucile Corto
7.35 x 51mm Carcano Ser OD3629
21" barrel, 13" PoL
Originally in 6.5mm these were rebarrelled to 7.35mm for better performance. This example was rebarrelled in 1939. Once completed, 7.35 was stamped into the stock, breech and the rear notched sight. This was another addition as the sights had to be replaced to account for the change in calibre.

Manufactured by Gardone Val Trompia in 1939. The Fascist era stamp is XVII

"In addition to the A.D. Christian year, there is from 1929 until 1943, the year of the Fascist Era (which was counted from the March on Rome in autumn 1922) also stamped in Roman numerals on most barrels. Since Fascist year and common era year are not identical (just like secular and liturgical year diverge from each other), this allows to identify whether a gun was produced before or after the anniversary day of the March on Rome in a given year." Richard J  Hobbs
The barrel is in good condition. Turned down bolt handle. The wood is in reasonable condition having had some sympathetic finishing work.
The bayonet can only be described as one of the most satisfying things in my gun room!


Ian, Forgotten Weapons, has done a superbly informative video on this rifle but with an example nowhere near as nice as this!