Winchester 1895 .303

Winchester 1895 .303

Winchester 1895 
Cal .303
Ser No 5396 Barrel 26", Stock 13 1/4"

Manufactured - 1896

A wonderful classic.

Chambered in .303, this Winchester was manufactured in 1896, the second year of production. 
The barrel is in very good condition with the bluing intact except for some minor rust marks. The barrel is marked 'W.R. Pape Newcastle-on-Tyne' - the inventor of chokes for shotguns. The bluing on the main body is in good condition with some scratches appropriate to its age. The lever has little blue left on it. 

The leaf rearsight is good and the front blade foresight is of brass.

The stock has a lovely patina and appeal albeit having suffered from some minor scratches and damage over the years.

A lovely example of an iconic rifle.